Friday, October 5, 2012

Feline lovers - another lost soul

 Yesterday morning we found yet another lost feline soul outside. This young fella, which we have started calling Leo, is in really bad shape. He is wafer thin and seems to have a facial or mouth/jaw injury. We watched him attempt to eat dry food, but, you could visibly see it was agonizing. So, off I went to the pantry to get some soft food. Poor, poor Leo, he is so hungry. I will post a picture as soon as I can.

Kitty Condos - still need to come up with a name

Just one more reason for Jeff to continue his construction of Kitty Condos. The construction on the bottom floor is in place on our patio. There are 3 condos already equipped with straw and warm blankets for the upcoming winter.We have placed our patio umbrella over it until the second floor and roof construction can be completed.

We are still extremely surprised at the lack of humanity and concern for all of these strays. We are conditioned for how positive the humane society and animal rescue foundations in Florida operated. There is no way to prepare for how back-woods and archaic most people treat animals here in Indiana. There are little to no programs to spay & neuter...vaccinate...or feed the strays. It is common place to just dump their pets...mostly due to the fact that the local humane society requires an appointment to bring in a stray or animal that can no longer be cared for by its family...the first time I called about bringing in a stray they told me my appointment would be 35 days that time, they have become part of our family...and get this, they have some rule that if you harbor, feed or name the animal after 7 days it becomes your property...they then charge you to bring your "property" in to the shelter! Unbelievable!!!

There is one positive note in this place...Dr. Shew! (Shew Veterinary Clinic)
What a great vet and humanitarian. I really do not know what we would do without his loving and caring ways with our four-legged family. He has a low-cost spay & neuter program...which leaves no excuse for people not doing it. Recently, this very caring doctor helped us to send two of our elderly dogs to heaven, Maky and Rocky. Something I was never going to be prepared for - $35 was the total bill. To lesson the stress on our "children" he came out to the car. And when one of our other older dogs, Seneca, suffered a stroke, he took great strides to make the medication and care affordable. You see, he isn't in it for the money...he's in it for all the innocent pets out there.

Maky 14 years old (on left-passed away in June 2012) and 
Rocky 15 years old (on right-passed away in August 2012) 
wrapped in blankets and napping.

Seneca 12 years old after his stroke. 

His stroke happened while he was mourning the loss of his sister Makaroni.

Here are pictures of the rest of our adopted family...and every single one of them is a rescue! 
(Not pictured - Quasimodo, Scooter & Leo...they are all new and are still outside & a little scared)

Gracie Lou 6 years old

Little Rayne 2 years old

Gabrielle 7 years old
Wampum Boy 12 years old

Tyler 8 years old
Trevor 1 year old

Dahlia 1 year old
Sasha Princess 8 years old

Blessings to all of Gods little angels,

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